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ZAYN // Nobody Is Listening // The New Album
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What a funny feeling
I feel depleted
From feelings I've been revealing
it’s do or die I'm not going willing
but when it’s time wrap in white linen
I rap this
I say it for my sanity
Whatever the calamity I did this for myself
Fuck all your fantasies
you’re a snake fell off the ladder
I prefer speaking in analogies
I’ve had enough of all this wet
and I can’t trust that you're my family
I don't know whats next
the brain dead that I never miss
my brain lives with the cannabis
can I resist the dark abyss
Leave a mark on this with no start just exist
my minds in a prism shape
and in times like prison state
there’s no right that I feel of late
there’s no light if my view’s at stake
and which left should I choose to take
whats left is it room or space
There are rumors we have to face
I prefer sooner than after late
I seen actors after baftas be more straight
I mean down the barrel
I hear them sing it’s the same carol
they trying to sprint in a long run Mo Farah
they trying to fix when its long gone don't bother
There’s no other the thought shudders
Through most lovers
I wanna bed you but still sleep is deaths cousin
so two weeks is now four dozen
years that pass by cant press no rewind
just watch my life by and lock the right ties
Nobody nobody is listening to me
Nobody nobody is listening
Nobody nobody is listening to me
Nobody nobody is listening to me
#zayn #nobodyislistening #calamity

martina; 9 giờ trước
Maria Ricciardiello
Maria Ricciardiello 9 giờ trước
for who believe in ziam , look at this... “i prefer speaking in analogies” caLAMIty LAMI=LIAM . by the way the song have a sense and he is trying to communicate something to us...
Millie x
Millie x 10 giờ trước
Zayn we are all listening I just wanna give him a hug
Sara Stefany
Sara Stefany 13 giờ trước
The best of the album
JJ BROMANCE 18 giờ trước
Love you bro 💝
fidan alekberli
fidan alekberli 2 ngày trước
Fernando Matos
Fernando Matos 2 ngày trước
Hamshini Rajkumari
Hamshini Rajkumari 2 ngày trước
Hi ! As we know Zayn does not promote his songs..And It's been a while since he hit billboard..So I guess we Zquad should do something..and that is streaming..We can stream as much as possible..We can stream Better.. Let's stream Together ✨Are you In? I am telling as many as people I can
Mahak Joshi
Mahak Joshi 3 ngày trước
charles s. sturdivant
charles s. sturdivant 3 ngày trước
BELÉN 28 3 ngày trước
Love you Zayn👑
Louis nuestro fuckin Dios
Louis nuestro fuckin Dios 3 ngày trước
yo te escucho, y haré algo con esto, te amo Zaynie
Louis nuestro fuckin Dios
Louis nuestro fuckin Dios 3 ngày trước
por qué cuando es él se callan? :'/
f m e d i t s
f m e d i t s 3 ngày trước
Полина 3 ngày trước
сбайтил масло черного тмина👍🏼
Точка Запятая
Точка Запятая 4 ngày trước Спиздил ?
Erica Beggi
Erica Beggi 4 ngày trước
this album is so good ❤️🥰
Guzmán Bucio Abril
Guzmán Bucio Abril 4 ngày trước
i’m in love with this :(
eenayeah 4 ngày trước
I really had to look this up bc I couldn't believe that it was Zayn rapping. I thought it was another artist! What the heck!
mustafa hu
mustafa hu 4 ngày trước
we have midterm and final exams in the same month.
JJ 4 ngày trước
BELÉN 28 4 ngày trước
Harsh More
Harsh More 4 ngày trước
He deserves Grammy
it is i
it is i 4 ngày trước
Zayn needs to do a Tiny Desk Concert please
Annaleis Goode
Annaleis Goode 5 ngày trước
Reem 5 ngày trước
Your lyrics and voice hurts me so badly ... can’t sleep many days till the sunrise 7 8 9 a.m , so yes I am listening Zayn Malik
ilnaaz ilyas Official
ilnaaz ilyas Official 6 ngày trước
Loves Listening to ur Song ❤️❤️☑️
Khadijah F.
Khadijah F. 6 ngày trước
lol the dislikes must be from beliebers who listen to yummy tummy
Abdoulie Njai
Abdoulie Njai 6 ngày trước
people keep forgetting that zayn is a poet!
Islam Sultan
Islam Sultan 7 ngày trước
this is plagiarism. Original song by Масло черного тмина - Танцуй
نُور. 7 ngày trước
OMG for 1 minute & 54 seconds I was saying so when will zayn start singing and I thought that was another man is talking... then I realized he’s the one who was talking all the time and he’s singing😓
Freedom Payne
Freedom Payne 7 ngày trước
I'm listening, talk to me love. 💜
Bb's diys
Bb's diys 7 ngày trước
Khadijah F.
Khadijah F. 7 ngày trước
i like how he is trying to open up.....
حلما رشیدی
حلما رشیدی 8 ngày trước
Hello Zayn I love you very much and you are like family and closest person I am from Iran and you are the only reason for me to learn English and study My only wish is your real laugh Not a fake smile Because I understand Please Laugh
BELÉN 28 8 ngày trước
Crashbonker Gaming
Crashbonker Gaming 9 ngày trước
I literally got xxx tetntaci*** vibezz
Dilan Kılınç
Dilan Kılınç 9 ngày trước
Liam (Home with you) "Better than all of my fantasies" Zayn (Calamity) "F*ck all of your fantasies"
Ashish Lama
Ashish Lama 10 ngày trước
Waiting for this song
ZaDDy BaBa & 1D
ZaDDy BaBa & 1D 10 ngày trước
Aisha Nacua
Aisha Nacua 10 ngày trước
i love you and i love your accent !!!!!
Алихан Смаил
Алихан Смаил 10 ngày trước
stolen song
Timothy Byas
Timothy Byas 10 ngày trước
Thank you
Potter Tail
Potter Tail 10 ngày trước
We are listening ❤😳
Naomi liliana Nuño
Naomi liliana Nuño 10 ngày trước
Zayn te amo ✨
n o a
n o a 10 ngày trước
Hi Zain I am in love with you badly and the song is just wow !, I have a little question: there are rumors that the band is back and everyone has signed except you is that right? If so please sign you too you are very important to us and we love you!💔❤
Ishan Sinha
Ishan Sinha 10 ngày trước
what the hell was this , awwwwwsoooomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Sneha 10 ngày trước
1 month anniversary of this album 🎉 nd I'll be here after 1 year also 😼
Junaid Khatri
Junaid Khatri 10 ngày trước
Ayrah Asif
Ayrah Asif 11 ngày trước
It's hard to understand this song but when you do, you cannot feel what Zayn is going through!💔
Thea Shah
Thea Shah 11 ngày trước
❤️❤️yess Zayn
Ayrah Asif
Ayrah Asif 11 ngày trước
"I feel depleted, from the feelings I've been revealing" Hurts😭💚💛
Nobody 11 ngày trước
Why this sounds similar to another song "Танцуй" by Масло чёрного тмина?
blocos e lajes mg blocos
blocos e lajes mg blocos 12 ngày trước
nabilla dyah
nabilla dyah 13 ngày trước
Tathan Rossi
Tathan Rossi 13 ngày trước
Omg his voice is everything
sagar varyani
sagar varyani 13 ngày trước
*Nostalgia, what a funny feeling I feel depleted from feelings I've been revealin' It's do or die, I'm not goin' willing But when it's time, wrap in white linen I rap this, I say it for my sanity Whatever the calamity, I did this for myself Fuck all of your fantasies You're a snake, fell of the ladder I prefer speakin' in analogies I had enough of all this work And I can't trust none but my family I don't know what's next The rend dead, that I never miss My brain lives with the cannabis Can I resist the dark abyss? Leave a mark on this with no start, just exist My mind in a prison shirt And in time like a prison stеp There's no right that I feel of left Thеre's no light if my views are stick And which life should I choose to take What's left? Is it rumors, spares? They are rumors we have to face I prefer sooner than after lead I seen actors after BAFTA's be more straight I mean down the barrel I hear 'em singin', it's the same carol They're tryna sprint in a long run, Mo Farah They're tryna fix when it's long gone, don't bother There's no other, that thoughts shutters, the most love us I wanna bed you, but still sleep is death, cousin So two weeks is not far, does it? Yeah, it's the pass back, I press no rewind Just watch my life by and lock the right ties Nobody, nobody-ayy is listenin' to me Nobody, nobody-ayy is listenin' Nobody, nobody-ayy is listenin' to me Nobody, nobody-ayy is listenin' to me*
EdwinFrancoPe 13 ngày trước
Siento todo lo que dice, no me siento solo :) (en una situación desagradable)
Unzila Khan
Unzila Khan 13 ngày trước
Z said ASMR realness
Selenator 4Eva
Selenator 4Eva 13 ngày trước
Timothee 13 ngày trước
پشمام جواد
Karla 13 ngày trước
ABID ALI 14 ngày trước
آج آنسوں مجھ سے پوچھ بیٹھے تم ہمیں بار بار کیوں گراتے ہو😢😪 میں نے جواب دیا ہم یاد کسی اور کو کرتے ہیں اور چلے تم آتے ہو😪
Sangita Sharma
Sangita Sharma 14 ngày trước
Me: Tries to remember my dream Also me 10 sec later: Fuck all of your fantasies
mzero Mena
mzero Mena 14 ngày trước
Gigliola Maggio
Gigliola Maggio 14 ngày trước
ho paura che zayn ci stia chiedendo aiuto con questa canzone
Marcela Cunha
Marcela Cunha 14 ngày trước
i love you zayn
juan manuel gutierrez notario
juan manuel gutierrez notario 14 ngày trước
Right now we could use a bit of: ‘EXCUSE ME LIAM❤️💚’ or ‘POTATOES🧡💛💚’ or ‘VAS HAPENNIN BOYS💛’ or ‘KEVIN💙’ or ‘3BANANAS FOR A EURO💚’ or ‘WE ARE ONE DIRECTION’...🥺
sherbetLemone 14 ngày trước
It is clear from Zayn’s choices to call the album “Nobody is listening" and to start it with a spoken word that Zayn wants people to analyze his lyrics and find out some sort of truth about him. Though not everything he is saying is clear to me, there are some definite conclusions that can be drawn using supporting lyrics from other songs of his as well. Regarding: “There are rumours WE have to face, I prefer sooner than after late, I’ve seen actors after BAFTAs be more straight" Some people are confused by the analogy Z uses, but essentially what he is saying is that he and another person (or persons) are not being honest, straightforward or convincing. See also: • “I’ve been lying to the liars, lying with the liars, every night" • “Got to keep it on the d-low" • Depictions of hiding and sneaking around in DTD, Entertainer, Let me MVs. Zayn says he wants to acknowledge rumours about him and one or multiple others - now what rumours do we know surround him? I’ll leave that for you to consider. “Which life should I choose to take?” He has a choice to take one of two paths • “What will I leave behind me, where will I choose to go?” • Another link between calamity and river road: “there’s no light if my view is at stake” & “I know I will see the sun again”. RR is confusing but I feel it is partly a song Zayn wrote to comfort himself with regards to taking a big leap, it talks about not being able to control all the outcomes. He’s telling himself to follow the river’s road i.e., let go, follow the current, see where it takes you. Regarding: “I want to bed you but sleep is death’s cousin" Zayn clearly states what it’s all about in this lyric. He wants to be with someone but can’t, because he’s scared of taking a risk for even a moment. He then says as a result of this fear, two weeks away from this person became two dozen, nearly a year. I conclude that the choice he is considering and the rumours he wants to face involve a lover who he is estranged from and it’s this estrangement that is driving the decision • “Are you ready because I’m ready to let go" “any minute we might fall" - the distance is killing the relationship. • “A digital physical connection” “Baby won’t you give it up, don’t wanna stop at words" i.e. I want to be with you physically. • Satisfaction: “life is always in the way" “we can’t get no satisfaction alone" • “The last time that I touched you, you could save it" clearly Zayn’s lover cheated because of the struggle of being long distance • Fingers, which was written in London in August 2018 (note he was there with Gigi): “I know you’re finding it hard to keep restrained" “tell me where you are b, I can come and love ya" “years that pass by can’t press no rewind” • Zayn has been in this situation for years, he feels he’s wasted time. The lover is someone he has had a long history with • He references I Won't Mind, talks about coming from nothing and now looking at the perfect view, sneaking out from a parent's house. • Fingers: “you’ve got different things replacing OLD feelings that you felt" So, this all begs the question - why is Zayn so scared to go live his life with this person and reveal all? In my view it’s because his lover is a male. I won’t add much to substantiate this, I think it’s quite a logical inference. • Re-listen to IWM, think about it. Think about why Zayn chose to call back to it in tightrope and why after the lyrics “sitting with my legs across your torso". I Could probably add a lot more but I think this is enough - just wanted to help Zayn out. He wants people to get it. However, he need to realize most fans do not want to come across as conspiracy theorists. Fans want to believe what they are being presented with and since Zayn plays into the lies, and admits that, he can’t blame fans for buying into them.
sherbetLemone 14 ngày trước
Thought I was over doing these long ass analyses but clearly not - need to get a life tbh.
Jéssica Oliveira
Jéssica Oliveira 14 ngày trước
mto bom amigo!
Muratcan Yalman
Muratcan Yalman 14 ngày trước
"Who is your favorite rapper?" "Zayn! " "But he is not- " "SHUT UP!" :) "GOOD ZAYN"
neneng osri
neneng osri 15 ngày trước
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anayza faiyaz
anayza faiyaz 15 ngày trước
Aisha Faraz
Aisha Faraz 15 ngày trước
Hi DJ malik love you happy valentine's day ❤love you forever and so much you are my every thing words cant explain my love for you 😊and say my hi to cute gigi and khai love you
Leonor 15 ngày trước
"Nobody nobody is listening" thank you Zayn, really thank you
Narekah Baker
Narekah Baker 15 ngày trước
Jishnu Deb
Jishnu Deb 15 ngày trước
This might sound crazy and even an invasion of privacy but keeping in mind Zayn himself encouraged us (if not requested) in his rap to speculate-"Just watch my life by and lock the right ties" Guided us with "I prefer to speak in analogies" and his intriguing title "Nobody's listening" give us the audacity. So here's what my theory is, it it true? No one can really tell except for Zayn himself but would he? He's busy fanning us with "is it rumours, spares? They're rumours we have to face I prefer sooner than later" so I would be extra cocky😆 The starting rap of this album speaks of "I feel depleted from the feeling I've revelin' so clearly he's being misunderstood (remember, Zarries are a minority, most ship Zigi and Larry) "you're a snake, I fell from ladder" it's no secret in snake and ladders ladder elevates us while snakes pull us back but it could be use for people better say relationships, considering that it was added to the album late, can we safely assume he's referring to his current partner? He refers not considering people around him family quite a few times, and also about returning to an old love of life "whatever the Calamity" and letting him choose if he (why Male pronouns? Well you don't put your legs on a woman's torso) wants the same in other songs Another thing is release date of the album is 15th Jan and he talks about "so two weeks is now four dozen" What's after two weeks? Well *FEBRUARY* month of love!!! So is he gonna spend this month with his true lover? Maybe. Should we expect some confrontation on 14th? (referred so many times in this album and comic art) I fear the answer is no "expectations leads to disappointment and disappointment to pain" as buddha said. But at least we know he's determined to live his life on his on terms whatever it is!!😉
Umaryt Wlf
Umaryt Wlf 16 ngày trước
I really love you but than.... thing change cuz you don’t have the time to pray to allah and now you got too far from allah than you convert Adam Saleh told everyone about you
Umaryt Wlf
Umaryt Wlf 16 ngày trước
Your Muslim why you convert hmm...😢 astaghfirullah
Aavash Khanal
Aavash Khanal 16 ngày trước
shita cantika
shita cantika 16 ngày trước
No babe,i listening your song every single day
Rosalina Hibbs
Rosalina Hibbs 16 ngày trước
Cousin: Who's ur favorite rapper? Me: 👀 Her: 👁👄👁 Me: ZAYN MALIK OK? Her: But he isn't a rapp- Me: Shut up and listen this
440 16 ngày trước
smart 16 ngày trước
Haritha Harish Nair
Haritha Harish Nair 16 ngày trước
It is best always when the fans leave their stars alone.. Love their work.. Don't care about their personal lives. What happened to Zayn might have actually been fans indulging too much into his personal stuff which might have been an element to push an introvert to the edge.. I love that he is doing great now.. I suggest be fans of the songs, not the person. It can be about anything. Like actors... I am a big fan of Charlie Sheen's acting potential no matter how he might be in real life.. I don't care..
Haritha Harish Nair
Haritha Harish Nair 9 ngày trước
@Carina Westerlund Maybe you are right.. But does it really make any difference if you even understand what is going on with him ... He does not even read the comments.. You and me, and everyone has their own life.. We are literally just people timepassing on youtube comment section.. We enjoy some of his songs or maybe all for some people and that's it.. After the 3 or 4 minutes of the song, what do we do.. So what is the point.. Just enjoy the songs, if you like it enough to recommend it to someone then do it. That is the only thing we do.. I am literally just taking a break from my own shit here.. Everyone has their own shits. .. So let them sort it on their own be it anyone, a celebrity or a common person... So yeah.. I am done here .. I just comment places for fun because these places are the only ones I actually just type and say whatever I want .. Now i have to go back to my shit.. bye..
Carina Westerlund
Carina Westerlund 13 ngày trước
Normally I would agree, give the artist some space but I clearly hear that Zayn is screaming for help. He really has left messages both in the lyrics and clues in the lines of the comic videos. According to me, he's very loud and clear. I pretty sure I got his message and now I want others to get it as well.
Painn 16 ngày trước
Save Myanmar
Laura Oliveira
Laura Oliveira 16 ngày trước
i can listen to this every day for the rest of my life without complaining
Nayeli Versalles
Nayeli Versalles 17 ngày trước
DPR Live vibes afffff
Janaina Rodri Santos
Janaina Rodri Santos 17 ngày trước
Tema de Dóris e de Max na novela Amores Verdadeiros que tá um sucesso no canal Reviva. Dóris e Max aprontam todas as trapaças ao som dessa canção
Eunike Leonita
Eunike Leonita 18 ngày trước
He's a genius, and the truth is in THIS SONG!!
るしあ 18 ngày trước
Terry Ann Graham
Terry Ann Graham 18 ngày trước
Om gonna say what everyone is scared to say hes talking about his bisexuality people .you'll think i wont mind is a straight song pay attention
Carina Westerlund
Carina Westerlund 17 ngày trước
I'm even balder and I claim that he's gay (or whatever label he wants to use) and that his so called relationships with Gigi is staged.
gabriel aang
gabriel aang 18 ngày trước
Amy Mad
Amy Mad 19 ngày trước
como no llorar escuchando esta cancion yahoo respuestas
Айбол Турлыгазы
Айбол Турлыгазы 19 ngày trước
Масло черного тмина - Танцуй Очень похожие сэмпл
Тирион Ланистер
Тирион Ланистер 19 ngày trước
МЧТ? 😮
SocioCatastropheTV 19 ngày trước
Zayn Sauce.
can anyone hear a running wottah? Potato
can anyone hear a running wottah? Potato 16 ngày trước
Loza pato
Loza pato 19 ngày trước
I'm here bro
Timothy Maharaj
Timothy Maharaj 19 ngày trước
"Nobody, nobody is listening to me." #2021
Farid Suleymen
Farid Suleymen 20 ngày trước
Plagiaraized from kazakh rapper.
BELÉN 28 20 ngày trước
Zayn love you
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